Curios aims to normalize the creation of brave spaces. 


While we respect anyone looking for those conversations (you know, the surface level ones), we aim to create brave dialogues, that allow for exploration of the differing, for the purpose of respect & mutual understanding.

If you are interested in living a life led by curiosity, where you can engage in healthy discourse about all the things that matter today, then we can help. We're prepared to help you laugh, learn, educate, ask questions, while making space for inevitable triggers and vulnerability. And be better for it. Because that's life - and that's Curios.

Also, the 'we' we'll reference throughout the site includes you. Welcome to the conversation.

Start with a Question.


 Curiosity is u n d e r r a t e d...

Be Present.


Creating the space we desire requires a level of consciousness most of us aren't used to practicing. Focus your attention and intention to the moment at hand.

Leaning into the discomfort of a hard conversation is where the rubber meets the road. Fear is an unavoidable characteristic of courage and ultimately leads to the growth we crave.

Stay Brave.


In a few words, I'm a facilitator who's not afraid to guide hard conversations.

In more words, I'm a conversation enthusiast with an educational background in intercultural + rhetorical communication, business, and higher education administration, and practical skillset in student affairs, event planning & management, content creation/strategy, and killer presentation + facilitation skills :). 

My passions include having intentional conversations about topics that have social and organizational impact, deep diving into obscure research (my search history is binge worthy), and traveling the world (when this was still allowed).

Nice to e-meet you :)

hi, there.


Michaƫle Antoine


About The work


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