Curios aims to normalize the creation of practice space. 


While we respect anyone looking for those conversations (you know, the surface level ones), we aim to create brave dialogues, that allow for exploration of the differing, for the purpose of respect & mutual understanding.

If you are interested in living a life led by curiosity, where you can engage in healthy discourse about all the things that matter today, then we can help. We're prepared to help you laugh, learn, educate, ask questions, while making space for inevitable triggers and vulnerability. And be better for it. Because that's life - and that's Curios.

Welcome to the conversation.



Our ability to remain open to possibility in the face of interpersonal challenges lays the groundwork for sustainable culture change.

Creating the spaces we desire requires a level of presence most of us aren't used to practicing; overcoming autopilot as our default setting is foundational to truth-telling and trust-building.



Settling into the discomfort of a hard conversation is where the rubber meets the road. Fear is an unavoidable bi-product of bravery and ultimately leads to the growth we crave.



Michaële is a Montréal born, Miami bred consultant, facilitator, and creative. 

As the founder of Curios, Michaële works with impact-driven clients to design bespoke workshops that aim to transform environments both interpersonally and systematically. Her work is rooted in creating practice spaces for potentially challenging discourse. By sharing tools and resources that lay the foundation for learning communities, she believes we can evolve our current communication patterns through practiced communal self-awareness. Prior to working with world-renowned coach and business strategist Tony Robbins, Michaële worked in progressive roles within higher education and student affairs at various institutions, specifically in residential life, where she sharpened her tools of communication, conflict resolution, experience design, learning & development, and EDIB education.

Michaële is a proud graduate of Florida Atlantic University, Florida International University, and San Diego State University where her breadth of study included International Business, Communication, and Higher Education Administration. She is also a certified professional coach and a practitioner of meditation and yoga.

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