Facilitation might be another word to describe what we can do, but that doesn't quite capture what the aim is. We are s p a c e creators. The empty space necessary for most to dive in and engage is not an easy one to reside in, but one we believe necessary to allow for growth (of the collective) and development (of the individual) to occur.

Curios is an invitation to all to join us in the discomfort of what is true; that is where real learning, loving, participation, conversation, work and LIFE, live.

The framework

Workshops, community curation, conversations & keynotes, oh my...

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“We need radical honesty—learning to speak from our root systems about how we feel and what we want. Speak our needs and listen to others’ needs….The result of this kind of speech is that our lives begin to align with our longings, and our lives become a building block for authentic community and ultimately a society that is built around true need and real people, [...]"
- adrienne maree brown

Curios is in the business of creating brave spaces. For folx looking to explore the full spectrum of our curiosity - the good, the bad, and the ugly. If you are sensitive to having your perspective challenged, or debating with the intention to learn, we aren't for you (and that's OK).

If you are interested in living a life, developing an organizational culture, and building relationships (in and out of the workplace) where healthy discourse is encouraged and celebrated, well then, now we're on to something.

It requires a high level of self-awareness + vulnerability to communicate effectively. It's work. Which is likely why many of us are bad at it. Curios helps individuals, teams, and organizations create brave spaces to practice having potentially uncomfortable or high stakes conversations and provided with the conceptual tools to do so.

There is no substitute for experiential learning, and conversations are the gateway to that kind of raw real ness that our society desperately needs. That's where we come in.

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Our job is to help you create the space for that conversation - the one you and your team need to have.


1:1 Consultation

This would be the 'coaching' section of our services.

If you need a collaborator to support you in enhancing your communication skills or work through designing an impactful but challenging conversation, this is for you.


Issues within companies, departments, and any relationship that require human interaction can typically be traced back to gaps in communicative efficacy.

We can help identify, strategize, and ultimately address issues in internal communication to improve workflow and processes.

Keynotes, retreats, Workshops & Trainings

Curated to address your objectives, we specialize in designing effective conversations that engage participants in shaping their communication + leadership styles.