Facilitation might be another word to describe what we can do, but that doesn't quite capture what the aim is. We are s p a c e creators. The empty space necessary for most to dive in and engage is not an easy one to reside in, but one we believe necessary to allow for growth (of the collective) and development (of the individual) to occur.

Curios is an invitation to all to join us in the discomfort of what is true; that is where real learning, loving, participation, conversation, work and LIFE, live.

The framework

Workshops, community curation, conversations & keynotes, oh my...

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Self-awareness and emotional intelligence are inextricable from the outcome of effective communication, and ultimately, connection.

Curios supports leaders, teams, and individuals in bridging the gaps between curiosity, consciousness, and courage in conversation.


"Effective communication [...] has huge implications for our survival"
- Malcolm Gladwell

Curios is in the business of creating brave spaces. For folx looking to explore the full spectrum of our curiosity - the good, the bad, and the ugly. If you are sensitive to having your perspective challenged, or debating with the intention to learn, we aren't for you (and that's OK).

If you are interested in living a life, developing an organizational culture, and building relationships (in and out of the workplace) where healthy discourse is encouraged and celebrated, well then, now we're on to something.

It requires a high level of self-awareness + vulnerability to communicate effectively. It's work. Which is likely why many of us are bad at it. Curios helps individuals, teams, and organizations create brave spaces to practice having potentially uncomfortable or high stakes conversations and provided with the conceptual tools to do so.

There is no substitute for experiential learning, and conversations are the gateway to that kind of raw real ness that our society desperately needs. That's where we come in.

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Our job is to help you create the space for that conversation - the one you and your team need to have.

Our services

1:1 Collaboration

This would be the 'coaching' section of our services.

If you need a collaborator to support you with your conversational competence, enhance your public speaking skills, or lead your team more confidently through executive presence, this is for you.


Issues within companies, departments, and any relationship that require human interaction can typically be traced back to gaps in communicative efficacy.

We can help identify, strategize, and ultimately address issues in internal communication to improve workflow and processes.

Keynotes, retreats, Workshops & Trainings

Curated to address your objectives, we specialize in designing effective conversations that engage participants in shaping their communication + leadership styles.

"Michaële is someone that puts you at ease from the moment you meet. She is also someone who will challenge you and expects you to rise to the challenge. To me, that seems the perfect combination in a coach.

Initially, Michaële took the time to get to know my strengths and challenges by asking thoughtful questions. We worked together to establish goals and she provided resource materials that were specific to my needs. Michaële tailored a program that took me outside of my comfort zone, but in a way that allowed me to feel supported and confident that she had my best interests at heart. Throughout our time together, Michaële emphasized the importance of working from my strengths, helping me to focus on authenticity.

Coaching sessions with Michaële were a real pleasure and highly valuable. For those willing to take up the challenge, Michaële and Curios Consulting will create a great experience that will have lasting benefits."

Ronnetta Johnson -
Executive Director

From the Converts...


"Our department reached out to Curios this past year looking for guidance on organizational communication and best practices for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the workplace.

We were drawn immediately to her philosophy and felt it throughout the process of working with her from the consultation, to the workshop curation, and ultimately the trainings. She took the time to meet with different staff members, ask the hard-hitting, sometimes uncomfortable questions needed to get to the root of the communication issues in our department.

Michaële developed solutions based responses specific to our institution and developed a two-part workshop series first with our professional staff team and continued in a follow-up part 2 with our student staff. During these workshops, she helped staff feel comfortable speaking and encouraged us to challenge each other’s perspectives in a positive way to encourage learning and understanding. I would recommend Curios to any University or Business looking to have a real conversation and developing as a team to better serve the students or customers they are working with."

Stacey Butler -
Area Director
PACE University

From the Converts...


 I had the opportunity to pilot her coaching program in professional/personal development.

Michaele has taken her experience from years of counseling young talent in Higher Education, and leading creative production for Tony Robbins, and created a program that was inspiring, yet pragmatic. She structured my goals into varied layers of small achievements to ensure that I reached my objectives quickly, all the while staying highly motivated. Though her program exemplified how organized, detail-oriented and passionate she is, I was reminded that her success in mentorship comes from her extraordinary active listening skills. Her curiosity and desire to fully understand those around her has made her a master in curating programs that are invigorating and inspiring. 

Michaele is an expert in the art of people, and I am so excited for you all to witness her masterpiece, Curios Consulting. 

Frances Copeland -
Enterprise Customer Success Manager

From the Converts...


Kara Susvilla -
Marketing Associate @ Campaign Creators

"I had the opportunity to attend Michaele's first Curios event.

Regardless of going alone, I was quickly welcomed by Michaele and really enjoyed the conversations I had during the event. Michaele facilitates events where you're able to bring your own thoughts/opinions, but also learn something new from others.

I enjoyed the first event in San Diego so much I attended her second event in LA and invited friends to join. I would definitely recommend Curios Consulting if you're looking to run a workshop where you want attendees to walk away learning something new about the world or about themselves"

From the converts...


Being in Business Development, I love meeting new people day in and day out but I have always found it difficult to have confrontations and difficult conversations, the meetup made me think about them in different ways and I definitely have takeaways that I use even today. Michaele made us think about the situations differently and how we can handle it. These would be the smallest of things that we generally miss or take for granted.

I would definitely recommend Curios Consulting for anyone who is looking at conducting workshops about conversations. I would love to attend more of her workshops / sessions.

Swetha Suryanarayanan -
MBA Candidate, SDSU Fowler College of Business

From the Converts...


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